About Us / À Propos

Nous offrons des ateliers de formations destinés aux personnes qui travaillent avec des enfants. Nos ateliers sont uniques et basés sur des sujets qui affectent la santé mentale et physique des enfants. Nous avons une approche anti-oppressive.
Cet été, nous offrons trois ateliers pour le contexte des camps de jour! Nous sommes en train de préparer aussi un livret portant sur les comportements à défi chez les enfants et sur l'utilisation de la notion de consentement avec les enfants.

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer!!

Projet Bleuet offers training workshops for counselors and child care providers to equip them with anti-oppressive practices and construct supportive environments for children. We offer training workshops centered around understanding discrimination in the context of childcare and Montreal, managing challenging behaviors with kids, and creating sport activities that are inclusive to all children. Throughout the workshops, counselors will work through practical scenarios and develop language, responses, and strategies for addressing discrimination and achieving greater inclusion in child care contexts.

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Our Mandate / Notre Mandat

The aim of our project is two-fold - to explore "multiple frameworks for thinking about difference and nuanced understandings of otherness, race, culture, gender and sexuality" in the context of work with children and youth; and to use these frameworks to inform actionable practices and strategies for those who receive our training, to help them build supportive environments for themselves and the children and youth that they work with.

Projet Bleuet est un organisme à but non lucratif, pro-féministe, anti-raciste, anti-capacitiste, queer-positif, pro-survivant et anti-oppressif. Nous reconnaissons l'histoire vivante du colonialisme, du racisme, et de la transphobie dans le contexte montréalais. Nous visons à explorer "plusieurs cadres pour penser à la différence et explorer des compréhensions nuancées de la race, la culture, le sexe et la sexualité" dans le contexte de travail avec les enfants et les jeunes; et d'utiliser ces cadres pour informer les pratiques et les stratégies décisionnelles pour ceux.celles qui reçoivent notre formation, les aider à construire des environnements de soutien pour eux et pour les enfants et les jeunes avec qui elles.ils travaillent.

Projet Bleuet

Partenaires Financiers

- Services Canada
- Chambre de Commerce du Québec (Young Canada at Works)

Nous remercions aussi QPIRG McGill et QPIRG Concordia pour soutenir notre projet!

The Team

Chris Tegho
Chris has accumulated 5 years of experience working with children and youths of refugee, immigrant, and/or single-parent families, and/or with special needs, of age 3 to 16 years old, in Parc Extension, Montreal and Lebanon. He facilitated various workshops, to a variety of audience, including workshops on race, gender, and sexual assault to first year students at McGill, workshops on biking, composting and planting to youth and young children, and training workshops on challenging behaviours to counsellors in summer camps. Chris volunteers on the board of Project 10, an organisation that supports LGBT*Q youths and strives on fostering sensitivity towards ethnocultural and underrepresented groups.

Sar Elliott
Sar has been a caregiver, camp counsellor, and art teacher to children and youth for 13 years. Most recently, she worked at an alternative art space for children in Brooklyn, The Painted Cloud, where she developed and led preschool playgroups, and as a support staff at Greene Hill School, an independent progressive elementary school. Sar received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is a founding member of the New York based art collective Complimenta, which thinks about alternative structures for art and communities around art.

Alexandra Cirgenski
Alexandra is currently pursuing her MBA at McGill University with a concentration in Strategy and Global Leadership. Prior to her MBA, Alexandra worked for an architecture firm within the Business and Legal Affairs department managing operational efficiency and legal administration. Alexandra was also a founding member of the Brooklyn chapter of an all female arm wrestling organization that raises money for local organizations that provide support for marginalized individuals. She is also president of the OUTLook on Business Club which is focused on promoting inclusion and diversity within the Desautels Faculty of Management through workshops and facilitation of positive communication among students. She brings her business insights and development skills to Projet Bleuet and is driven to develop the mission through partnerships and strategic focus.

Sophia Salem
The roles Sophia has occupied include summer camp leader, day care volunteer, child caregiver, youth group leader (as a youth herself), workshop facilitator, board member, panelist, and student. Sophia is currently taking a pause from her studies in Political Science to pursue an engagement with politics that are re-contextualized in their real-life implications on people's lives. As someone committed to partaking-in, leading and creating discussion around social issues, Sophia approaches the work she does with the spirit of grassroots organizing, liberation and self-determination. A lot of her related learning and growing comes from her involvement with PIRGs (on-campus social and environmental justice hubs) in Vancouver and Montreal, namely SFPIRG and QPIRGC. She is looking forward to combining her knowledge on working with children, social issues and discrimination in her work on Projet Bleuet.

Board of Advisors

Vanessa Fernando
Bio coming soon

Molly Churchill